Cuenca Art Tour

Cuenca Art Tour

Ecuador, Andes

$60 /person
4 hours
From Tuesday to Saturday
Private tour
Level easy

One of the best ways to truly get to know a city is through it’s artists. Our four-hour Cuenca art tour will give you the chance to meet three of Cuenca’s most renowned artists and view not only their work, but discover how they create it. This is a unique opportunity to meet a local artist in person. You’ll also get to visit a museum of your choice.

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    Eduardo Segovia - Ceramicist

    Segovia began his career with small clay whistles when he was only ten years old. His work spans a wide range of styles, including Pre-Columbian, Inca, Aztec, European, and African. Segovia's workshop and house are located in the Convención del 45, an area historically known for its ceramic work, as he is one of the best-known ceramists in Cuenca.

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    Hernán Illescas - Painter and Sculptor

    A painter, sculptor, and installation artist, Illescas is best known for his wonderfully textured paintings that pop off the canvas. Illescas has exhibited his works around the world, and has created several murals throughout the province of Azuay, including a monument to the battle of Tarqui.

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    Miguel Illescas - Sculptor

    One of the most original sculptors in Ecuador, Illescas works with recycled metal to create surreal animal and human forms. Known as the “iguana man” due to the popularity of one of his iguana sculptures, he exhibits his works permanently throughout Ecuador, and has had temporary exhibits at the National Geographic Museum in Washington DC.

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    Andrea Tello - Jeweler

    Andrea Tello is the third generation of jewelers in the Tello family. Winner of the UNESCO Award of Excellence for Handicrafts in 2010, she combines the art of filigree with the combination of metals. She has developed a collection inspired by the signs and symbols of Ecuadorian Andean clothing, as well as creating a contemporary line.

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    Carlos Bustos - Embossed metal

    The workshop of Carlos Bustos is a pleasant surprise. Using siimple tools, such as rollers, brushes, nails, hammers and screwdrivers, he creates frames, lanterns, lamps, chests and masks out of brass, aluminium and tin.

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    Ernesto Peña - Jeweler

    Mama Quilla is the brand of Ernesto Peña. His jewelry takes inspiration from the flora of the area and aesthetics of the Cañaris and Incas, using spirals and asymmetric shapes to make innovative designs.

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    Humberto Guerra - Blacksmith

    Humberto Guerra is one of the last young craftsmen working as a blacksmith today. The workshop is called El Herrero, and is a great place to witness the tireless work of a blacksmith first hand. Here they make decorative objects, crosses and more.

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    José Encalada - Potter

    A visit to the Encalada workshop will give you the opportunity to experience the making of pottery in a completely handmade fashion. José Encalada is the only place in Cuenca where the famous black ceramic is produced. They make a variety of pieces from decorations, flower pots, sculptures and tableware.

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    Museo de las Conceptas This religious museum is located within the Convent of the Immaculate Conception. Originally founded in 1599, a visit offers a glimpse into the centuries-old customs of the cloisered nuns who live there. It is a true gem in the heart of Cuenca. Homero Ortega Panama Hat Museum This is the place to learn about the history and production of Panama Hats in Cuenca. The museum is located within a working Panama hat factory so you’ll get a true sense of the industry today, and you’ll be able to buy a great hat too! Old Cathedral The Old Cathedral of Cuenca, or Iglesia del Sagrario, located opposite the New Cathedral, often gets overlooked. Today it is a Museum of Religious Art, and is a peaceful space in the heart of the city.


Three local artists or artisans will open the doors of their workshops on this alternative Cuenca tour. The tour will finish up with a visit to a local museum. You can choose three of the listed artists and one of the museums.

We recommend you book this tour at least 48 hours in advance to avoid disappointment and to ensure the artists are available. If you wish to request a visit to a specific artist not mentioned above or if you wish to enjoy this tour in any language other than Spanish or English, please let us know.

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