Cuenca Food & Cooking Tour

Cuenca Food & Cooking Tour

Ecuador, Andes

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Group tour

Set out into the heart of Cuenca to learn about food in the area, beginning with a tour of the local market and followed by a cooking class run by a professional chef to teach you to cook a traditional Ecuadorian meal. A unique tour for foodies visiting Cuenca.

Sample itinerary

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    · Locro de papas con queso y aguacate (Thick potato soup served with cheese and avocado) · Mote casado (A traditional corn and bean soup) · Tamal de papa (Potato dough filled with meats or vegetables and steamed in a leaf wrap) · Sopa de melloco (Ulluco soup – Ulluco is a root vegetable from Andean South America)

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    Main Courses

    · Arroz de quinua con suprema de pollo en salsa de pepa de sambo y choclo frito (Quinoa served with chicken, pumpkin seed sauce and fried corn) · Seco de chivo con arroz dorado maduro frito (Goat stew served with golden rice and fried plantain) · Arroz de cebada y arveja, cecina de carne de cerdo en salsa de tomate de árbol (Barley rice and peas, served with pork in tree tomato sauce) · Fritada, mote choclo con habas y llapingachos (Traditional fried pork served with corn, potato cakes and fava beans)

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    Desserts · Tomate de árbol en almíbar (Tree tomato in honey sauce) · Miel con queso (Cheese in honey) · Dulce de sambo (Squash dessert) · Muchines / buñuelos con miel (Fried dough balls with honey) · Arroz / quinua con leche (Rice or quinoa pudding)

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    Vegetarian Menu

    Choose one option for each course: Starter: · Ceviche Andino (with chochos or palmitos) · Tamal de Zanahoria (Carrot tamale) · Aguacate relleno (Stuffed avocado) · Sopa de Sambo (Squash soup) Main Course: · Mojito de yuca con hamburguesa de soya (Soya burger with yucca mojito) · Moro de a arroz con estofado de soya (Soya stew with rice) · Ensalada de vegetales con hamburguesa de lenteja (Vegetable salad with lentil burger) · Cazuela de verde con carne de soya o pescado (Plantain stew with soya or fish) Dessert: · Sambo o limeño cocido (Cooked squash or limeño) · Muchines / buñuelos con miel (Fried dough balls with honey) · Arroz / quinua con leche (Rice or quinoa pudding) · Miel con queso (Cheese in honey)


e’ve joined forces with chef Catalina Abad and her incredible kitchen to create a very special cooking tour. You can choose between different set menus in order to learn how to make a traditional Ecuadorian meal, with a starter, main dish and a dessert.

Start the tour with a visit to the main local market in the historic center of Cuenca. Here you’ll purchase some of the ingredients you’ll be using later. It’s a great opportunity to experience local culture and everyday life. You’ll learn about Andean products and the way to order produce at the market. You’ll then take a short walk through the old town to Catalina’s kitchen where you’ll learn how to cook your selected menu. After the class you will then get to sit back and enjoy the food you’ve prepared. The tour lasts about 5 hours.

If you have any particular dietary requirements, please let us know when booking to tour.

  • A bilingual (English/Spanish) guide
  • · Market tour
  • · Cooking class with professional chef (2 hours +/-)
  • · All ingredients
  • · Set menu
  • · Recipe


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