Sharing Saraguro Culture

Sharing Saraguro Culture

Ecuador, Andes

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Step back in time with this unique opportunity to experience the Saraguro way of life. The indigenous people of Saraguro are known for their distinctive way of life and clothing. This tour gives you the chance to visit skilled artisans, organic orchards and take part in their distinctive serving rituals.

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    Saraguro (“land of corn” in Quichua) is a small agricultural town about 140km south of Cuenca which is home to the Saraguro indigenous people known for their distinctive clothing (men wear black ponchos, black knee-length shorts and black wellington boots for farm work while women wear pleated black skirts and hand-woven black shawls fastened by elaborate silver or nickel brooches), pure form of the Quichua language and their elaborate celebration of religious festivals. The indigenous peoples of Saraguro live as cattle herders and were relocated to southern Ecuador by the Incas during their expansion into the area from Bolivia. Sunday is the highpoint of the town when indigenous peoples in the area come to the morning market and mass.

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    Pinshi Mikuna

    Pinshi Mikuna is a typical community meal which usually includes potatoes in a zambo seed sauce, cheese, rice, bread, cuy or chicken, salad and a drink such as horchata or chichi. This meal has a particular protocol related to its serving.


The people of Saraguro, a small agricultural town about 140km south of Cuenca, value tourism as a way to preserve their distinctive traditions and culture by sharing their daily lives with visitors. Proud of their indigenous roots, the people of Saraguro still wear traditional costumes and proactive ancestral rituals. This tour will give you the opportunity to make contact and share in their unique culture.

After a relaxing ride along the picturesque Pan American highway, you will visit nearby villages where skilled artisans produce fine textiles, decorative ceramics and colorful jewelry made primarily of beads and silver. This will be followed by a stroll through their organic orchards where many of the vegetables, fruits and herbs used in their diet are grown. The tour concludes with a special lunch during which you will be introduced by a Saraguro family to sharing rituals known as Pinshi Mikuna.

  • A bilingual (English/Spanish) guide
  • · Private transportation
  • · All entrance fees
  • · Lunch within the community at a private home


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